Kyneton Little Athletics

Family Fun & Fitness For All Skill Levels

Meeting Saturday mornings at 9.00am from October to March

184-194 Mollison St, Kyneton VIC 3444

Kyneton Little Athletics Parent Information

Information for new members and current members, including the registration process, parent participation details, uniforms information and general FAQ.

As seen in the photo, athletics develops many skills, which is why children should play sports In the Macedon Ranges

Becoming A Member And The Registration Process

Registration for the upcoming season opens in August (if your child is turning 5 after October, read this FAQ below).
Registration is open to all families with children between the ages of 5 and 15.
All registration and applicable payments are handled through the Little Athletics Victoria website and its payment partners.

If you wish to register, please find the relevant links below.

We would love for your family and children to join our centre and are happy for you to participate in trial sessions so you can make up your mind.

Normal Registration

  •  You can either register for participation in August or register your interest beforehand. Either can be done through Little Athletics Victoria. Registering your interest beforehand will ensure you are reminded via email when it is time to register.

Trial Participation

  • If you are unsure whether Little Athletics at Kyneton is suitable for your child, you are welcome to participate for free on 2 occasions. Please follow the steps for registering as a new member and select the free trial option at Little Athletics Victoria. The option to pre-register is also available in this case.  

Parent Participation

Like every other centre in the Little Aths program, Kyneton Little Athletics is run by volunteers. Parent participation is encouraged where possible. The following participation is encouraged on our weekly Saturday meetings:

  • Help set up before and pack up after the Saturday event meetings. A rotating roaster will be sent via email once the season has started, and your help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Assistance in recording scores in your child’s relevant age group. The process is simple and is usually done by several participating parents.

Uniform Requirements

All participants must wear footwear that is suitable for running, jumping, throwing and participating in any activities that might be included in the program. Please also ensure your children are wearing appropriate clothes for the activities mentioned above.

Weekly Centre Meetings

For the weekly meetings, the Kyneton Centre uniform top is compulsory once your child’s trial period has been completed.

Competitive Events

All members competing in regional events or meetings will need to wear the centre uniform while competing.

A National Membership Badge (NMB) will also be provided and should be sewn onto the front of the approved uniform.

Uniform Purchase

Uniforms with the Kyneton Centre colours and logo can be purchased online via the:

Kyneton Litlle Athletics Centre Stack Team App Store

Once you have purchased the uniforms online it can picked up on competition days.

*Please note all uniforms purchased after 9pm on the Thursday prior to our Saturday meetings may not be available for pickup until the next Saturday meeting.

Funds raised from uniform purchases will help support the Kyneton Centre’s activities.

General FAQ

If your child turns five on or before the 31st of December:

The normal registration process will apply, and they will go into the Under 6 group.

If your child turns five after the 31st of December:

You will not be able to register them until they have turned 5. You are able to register your child part way through the season once they have turned 5. We apologise if this prevents your child from joining at the start of the season. These rules are dictated by Little Athletics Victoria .

Age groups for each season are based on how old the athlete is/will be on the 31st of December of the year the particular season started.

Please see the age calculator table for a visual representation.

The cost includes the membership for the October to March season and the cross country season. It does not include any uniform costs.  For families with more than one child, discounts do apply.

Please see our page on the Little Athletics Victoria website for the latest cost and scroll down to the bottom.

Your child requires no skills whatsoever to join us.
The idea of the program is to encourage fitness for all skill levels through fun and guided learning. Regardless of skill level, being out in the fresh air in a supportive community that encourages rather than judges is a good motivation builder for any child.
In fact, at the Kyneton Little Athletics Centre, it’s very common to see children supporting each other and cheering on fellow age group members and those of different age groups regardless of skill level or ability.

We do not run a program for tiny tots. This program may be run in other states and is tailored to kids aged 3-5.

Awards are handed out at the end of the season. They are based on individual performance in varying events and on attendance.

We certainly do.
Children get a diffrent colour band every time they achieve 5, 10 and 15 personal best records. These are handed out on Saturday mornings.
The purpose of these bands is to encourage children to see their progress based on their current skill levels rather than compare and judge their self worth on the performance of others.

Participants also receive a certificate at the end of the season showing their current PB for each event they competed in.

The following events are run at the centre:

Sprints, Hurdles, Middle Distance, Race Walking, Relays, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and High Jump.
Some of these events are only run for specific age groups.

Each age group has a list of events they participate in each week and will go around the grounds to carry out their events as listed on the day.

Not all events are run each week, the number of events children participate in each week is based on their age group.

We consider every Saturday meeting a social event. Outside of the meetings, we carry out fun runs and other social events. These will be advertised in advance on our events calendar page, our Facebook page and by email communications.

If you have further questions that have not been answered here, please contact us. If your question is not club specific, you may be able to find the answer on the Little Athletics Victoria Website membership FAQ section.