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A 14 year old doing little athletics high jump practice at the Kyneton Show Grounds

Tax Deductible Fundraising For High Jump Mat Replacement

Kyneton Little Athletics is raising money to buy two new jump mats as our current ones have seen better days and potentially pose a safety risk. 

If you would like to aid in the purchase cost, you can do so For as little as $2 on our fundraising page.

How Much Does A New Athletics High Jump Mat Cost? 

Each Mat will cost just over $3000, making the total cost of the purchase just over $6100. 

This is a high cost, but the purchase must be made to ensure we can provide quality, safe equipment to the children and teenagers who participate at the Kyneton Little Athletics Centre.   

Why Can’t We Buy A Cheaper Athletics High Jump Mat?

Most of the equipment we buy must meet specific make and size requirements to fit within official guidelines and meet specific safety standards.

Other than the above, experience has shown we save more money in the long term when purchasing quality equipment, as replacement intervals are increased. 

Who Manages The Donations Which Are Received.

The Australian Sports Foundation has a dedicated system to allow clubs like ours to raise funds through tax-deductible donations for specific projects.

For more information, you can visit our dedicated ASF fundraising page.