Kyneton Little Athletics

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Meeting Saturday mornings at 9.00am from October to March

184-194 Mollison St, Kyneton VIC 3444

Warmup routine at Kyneton Little Athletics

An Educational Warm-Up With Chiropractic Life Kyneton

On Saturday, the 26th of November, we were fortunate to have Dr Bernie Haberman from Chiropractic Life Kyneton provide the Kyneton Little Aths kids and adults with an entertaining short presentation and warmup routine.

Practical Examples To Aid In Health Education

We learned the importance of good back posture and it’s importance in allowing the spinal cord to distribute information from the brain into the rest of the body’s nervous system. 

Dr Bernie demonstrated the above with a practical demonstration showing how these effects change with age.

With the aid of one of our little athletes and a volunteer committee member. Who had to close their eyes, raise their hands, and march on the spot for 30 seconds. The results were entertaining to those observing, and the example was highly educational. 

A Good Pre Exercise Warmup Will Aid In Injury Prevention 

Equally important before any exercise routine is an excellent warmup session that preps the body for the upcoming workout.

Kyneton Little Athletics pre session streches

The kids at Kyneton Little Athletics absolutely loved this part of the presentation and got right into it, and we even managed to get some adults participating.

A Great Example Of Businesses Collaborating With Community Clubs 

The above was a great example of how a local Macedon Ranges business can collaborate with a volunteer-run club in a mutually beneficial way. Sponsorship from companies like Chiropractic Life Kyneton allows us to provide the community with services that ensure families of the region can engage in a friendly, fun environment while staying engaged and connected with the community around them. 

More importantly for the kids, this means being outside, off the screens in the fresh air with their mates and having fun while improving their athletics skills and abilities.